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Now and Then

Mulan, a nation’s historic heroine

IN the world’s history, there were many women warriors, such as Joan of Arc of France, Caterina Segurana of Italy, Deborah Sampson Gannett of America, and Agustina of Aragón of Spain. Most of them went ...

June 18, 2017, Sunday

Mythical snakes

SNAKE is often called “xiaolong” (small dragon) in Chinese culture, not only because the similarity in appearance, but also due to the mysterious features of the creature in ancient people’s view. It ...

June 11, 2017, Sunday

Peng, a surname good for every man

THERE are an estimated 6.4 million people surnamed Peng in China, ranking the 35th in terms of population. Pengs account for about 0.51 percent of the population. Records also showed people surnamed Peng ...

June 11, 2017, Sunday

Xi Shi, the Fairest Beauty of Ancient China

THERE were four legendary beauties in ancient China— Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan and Yang Yuhuan. Among them, Xi Shi has been deemed by many as the fairest the country has ever brought forth. Chinese ...

June 4, 2017, Sunday

Fan Li: the man who laid a honey-trap with Xi Shi

THERE are an estimated 4.6 million people surnamed Fan in China, ranking the 51st in terms of population. Fans account for about 0.73 percent of the population. There are generally three major sources ...

May 28, 2017, Sunday

3-footed jinchan brings fortune

THREE-FOOT toad, or more widely called jinchan (golden toad), is a propitious mythical animal that brings fortune. The golden toad only has three feet. On its back, it carries seven diamonds, symbolizing ...

May 28, 2017, Sunday

Legend of a Mad Buddhist Monk

KNOWN as a mad Buddhist monk, Ji Gong has been a household name and folk hero in China for more than 800 years. With a crumpled hat on his head, a dirty, tattered robe on his back, and carrying a worn-out ...

May 21, 2017, Sunday

When ink was worth more than gold

IT is estimated that there are about 190,000 people surnamed Xi in China, making it the 281st most common name in the country. There are two early branches of Xi families. One is derived from the family ...

May 14, 2017, Sunday

Bird with nine heads

JIU-TOU Niao, (the bird with nine heads), is an evil monster featuring 10 necks connecting nine heads. It is covered in red feathers. The bird is also called gui che, or “ghost-vehicle,” as it always ...

May 14, 2017, Sunday

Story of two star-crossed lovers

THE centuries-old Four Great Chinese Folktales — “the Butterfly Lovers,” “Legend of the White Snake,” “Lady Meng Jiang’s Bitter Weeping Brings Down the Great Wall” and the “Legend of the Cowherd and the ...

May 7, 2017, Sunday


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