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Melon variationsa duo of divergent tastes

EDIBLE gourds are among summer’s favorable vegetables in China because they are juicy, fresh and highly versatile in various cuisines. Two of the popular and very inexpensive gourds in the market now ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Late summer fare perfect with Pinot Gris

Today’s iDeal section delves into the unassuming gourd. These fruits are technically part of the Cucurbitaceae family and not only have great symbolic meaning in Chinese culture but they’re an important ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Sampling the best tastes of Emilia-Romagna

WHILE Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana Modena wows the world in distinctive Italian style as the world’s best restaurant this year, the region where the restaurant is located is again getting attention ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Watermelon ice cubes make a cool cocktail

YOU love summer but not when it is uncomfortably hot. For relief, you could jump into the pool. Or, you could cut a thick slice of watermelon and let the sweet juices cool you down. Even better, you could ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

US kids eat 3 times too much added sugar: health group

US children eat three times as much added sugar as they should, a leading US health group said on Monday, calling for stricter limits on sugar for kids. Babies and tots under two should eat no added ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Date syrup: new meaning for an age-old sweet

MANY ancient sweeteners are long forgotten, overtaken by the simple, clean taste of granulated sugar. Take for instance, date syrup. Also called date molasses, melasse de datte, rub, dibs or silvan, date ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Recognizing the risks of summer night snacking

IN summer, crayfish, seafood, barbecued meat and iced beer are standard night snacks for people in Shanghai. However, improper intake of such foods can be harmful — and sometimes even fatal. Local hospitals ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Heart group suggests getting up every now and then can benefit health

People should get about 30 minutes of exercise each day to counteract the potentially harmful effects of being inactive for too long, according to a new statement from a leading US heart group....

August 25, 2016, Thursday

Rising heat raises alarm on leftovers

Shanghai residents need to be cautious about perishable leftovers as summer temperatures soar, according to one authority....

August 25, 2016, Thursday

DNA database helps find roots of rare diseases

A huge catalog of human DNA is helping researchers find tiny glitches that cause disease, in part by pointing out some false leads. The database, with genetic codes from more than 60,000 people, is aimed ...

August 25, 2016, Thursday


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