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Foreign Views

Forget stereotypes and try behaving better

Dear Yong,What a gentle and wise piece! (“Stereotyping Chinese as spitters is easy,” Shanghai Daily, October 17.)The underlying issues you discussed are, of course,...

October 30, 2014, Thursday

How to fix America’s woeful roads and bridges

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives a grade of D+ to infrastructure in the United States, reflecting both delayed maintenance and underinvestment....

October 29, 2014, Wednesday

Proposed Asian infrastructure bank could boost growth in emerging countries

The proposed Asian infrastructure bank could galvanize growth in emerging Asia and boost lingering global recovery. Put forward by Chinese leaders in October 2013,...

October 28, 2014, Tuesday

The best discoveries are often the least expected

The biblical story of Saul finding his kingdom by chance while searching for his father’s lost donkeys offers an important lesson for scientists. Instead of defining our research objectives narrowly,...

October 23, 2014, Thursday

Rationality required in debate of incest taboo

Last month, the German Ethics Council, a statutory body that reports to the Bundestag, recommended that sexual intercourse between adult siblings should cease to be a crime....

October 21, 2014, Tuesday

Real moves to lower carbon use in Asia

The landmark climate summit convened by the United Nations secretary-general last month in New York was unprecedented in terms of the participation of leaders,...

October 21, 2014, Tuesday

Dollar’s rise: caution for Chinese holding foreign debt

As economic tides are shifting, it is time for Chinese companies to be cautious with foreign debt.After borrowing billions of dollars from the US, Hong Kong and elsewhere,...

October 17, 2014, Friday

Wrong foreign accent is ticket to failure in America

Uncle Tho, my father’s older brother, was a studious man. He arrived in America from Vietnam at the age of 44 but struggled to re-educate himself. He went to school nightly, got a BA,...

October 15, 2014, Wednesday

Woman’ decision to end her life prompts ruminations on meaning of our existence

Dear Yong,On the 18th of last month, you published two pieces on the recent death of Ms. Gillian Bennet — by Peter Singer and yourself — to which I have found my thoughts often returning since. You,...

October 9, 2014, Thursday

Despite failure of austerity measures, Europe continues down that path and suffers

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the theory,” goes the adage. But too often it is easier to keep the theory and change the facts.Austerity has failed....

September 30, 2014, Tuesday


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