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Now and Then

Tears that Brought Down the Great Wall

THERE are so many legends about the Great Wall, one of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces, but of these mythical stories, “Tears that Bring Down the Great Wall,” stands out as the most famous ...

April 23, 2017, Sunday

The Butterfly Lovers live on

LIANG Shanbo Yu Zhu Yingtai — Liang Zhu in Chinese and Butterfly Lovers in English — is one of China’s Four Great Folktales and is regarded as the Chinese version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The ...

April 9, 2017, Sunday

Innovative fabrics bark up Tokyo fashion tree

WOOD fashioned into lace and sculpted into evening dresses: the Hanae Mori Manuscrit label led the way this Tokyo Fashion Week in showing the world the original craftmanship that helps set Japan apart ...

April 2, 2017, Sunday

The ‘four evils’ are still out there

APART from protectors and god-like creatures, there are also evil-beings in Chinese myths. Si Xiong, or the Four Evils, are one of the most famous. The Four Evils are Tao Tie饕餮, Hun Dun混沌, Qiong Qi穷奇 ...

April 2, 2017, Sunday

Legend of the White Snake

LOVE IS a constant theme in many of the world’s great stories, and this is certainly true with China’s Four Great Folktales, namely, “Lady White Snake,” “Butterfly Lovers,” “Lady Meng Jiang” and “Weaver ...

March 26, 2017, Sunday

Mythical tales of kylin lives on

JUST like many other mythical creatures, kylin has features of many animals. It has a lion’s head, deer’s antlers, tiger’s eyes, horse’s body, fish’s scales, bull’s feet and dragon’s tail — all recognized ...

March 19, 2017, Sunday

Tracing the Pan family lineage

IT is estimated that there are about 6.2 million people surnamed Pan in China, making it the 36th most common name in the country. Pan as a surname can be traced back to the family of Yao, descendents ...

March 19, 2017, Sunday

Abacus Calculation

IN China, zhusuan refers to a millennia old method of performing arithmetic calculations with an abacus, which is called suanpan (or literally “counting tray”) in Chinese. In 2013, UNESCO honored Chinese ...

March 12, 2017, Sunday

Phoenix leaves mark on culture

THE feng, or phoenix, is the legendary king of all avian species according to Chinese myth. “A Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix” is one of the most popular themes in traditional Chinese painting. ...

March 5, 2017, Sunday

Looking back at Su family lines

IT is estimated that there are about 5.8 million people surnamed Su in China, making it the 41st most common surname in the country. The earliest branch of the Su family originated from the Emperor Zhuan ...

March 5, 2017, Sunday


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