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Book review - in cooperation with

Basic income: key ingredient for a truly free and happy society

IN the current environment in the United States — a culture steeped in free-market ideology — it is unlikely that this book — Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy — will ...

July 7, 2017, Friday

Materialism has destroyed ideals of America’s founding fathers

THIS book takes a useful and much-needed critical look at US foreign policy, very much in the tradition of William Appleman Williams’ The Tragedy of American Diplomacy. Williams, one of the first of ...

June 23, 2017, Friday

Initiation into the celestial mysteries should empower, humble, and strike fear in us

We urbanites are so trapped in our mundane engagements that we are rarely aware of the celestial sphere at night — and there is not much to see in the first place....

May 5, 2017, Friday

‘Usefulness of Uselessness’ and how it serves modern society

THERE is a fable about a huge tree that provided shade to thousands of cattle in Chapter Four of Chuangtzu, one of the foundational texts of Taoism. While the crowds admired the tree, a carpenter took ...

April 14, 2017, Friday

Don’t be duped by ‘objective’ data

The “weapons of math destruction” alluded to are today’s omnipresent mathematical algorithms that use the voluminous personal data derived from individuals’ home addresses, occupations, purchasing history, ...

March 17, 2017, Friday

Betrayed ally: revisiting a Chinese tragedy from the First World War

JUST a hundred years ago last month, the French ship Athos was torpedoed off Malta on its way to France from the Far East. It was a victim of Germany’s new policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. The ...

March 10, 2017, Friday

Systemic corruption undermines democracy in the United States

ALTHOUGH the United States today is threatened by multiple kinds of private and public corruption, stories about these seldom appear in the media. Perhaps this is because most citizens regard “corruption” ...

February 24, 2017, Friday

Tradition, technology spur rural spending in developing countries

FOR a long time, marketers and economists have focused on the rise of China’s mega-cities. The accepted wisdom in China’s retail market was that rural consumers were too far away, too poor and too dispersed ...

January 6, 2017, Friday

New book lays out evolution’s unique plans for ageing men

ONE of my colleagues told me how, as a child, he was horrified by the realization that his dear mom and dad would one day die, leaving him to fend for himself. He was so horrified at this idea that he ...

December 9, 2016, Friday

Books describe a nation divided

Both of these books — “White Rage” and “White Trash” — offer a different “take” on people historically disdained and/or discriminated against in the United States: poor whites and Afro-Americans....

November 25, 2016, Friday


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